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How to Get the Gift Cards You Want Without Spending YOUR Money

How the Gift Card Auction Works

#1 Each week we hold a "Gift Card Auction" where you bid with - special points not money - for the gift cards you want.

#2 These are the same gift cards you see sold in stores but here you do not buy them, you bid on them with Bidding Reward PointsTM.

#3 We'll show you how to get thousands of these Bidding Reward PointsTM without using any of your money.

#4 You may bid on as many cards as you like and everyone is welcome.

Imagine what you could do with a $25 gift card from CostcoTM or a $50 gift card from AmazonTM. The next time you take the kids, or grandkids, to McDonald'sTM don't spend your money, just use your gift card.

How it Works

First, why on earth we are we giving away Bidding Reward PointsTM when you do not have to spend any money?

A website called has partnered with us to use the Gift Card Auction as a fun way to say thank you to people for helping find out about the fun events happening in their neighborhoods. There are thousands of these neighborhood events, all over the United States, and we need help finding these events to display on the neighborhood events website.

What If...

What if I do not know about any events going on in my town?

That's OK. You can still get thousands of Bidding Reward PointsTM every week.

If you are a social media fan - FacebookTM, TwitterTM, InstagramTM, LinkedInTM and so forth - then you can easily get thousands of Bidding Reward PointsTM just by telling your friends. Maybe they will know about fun events in their neighborhoods.

If your friends join in, then you will receive plenty of Bidding Reward PointsTM every week. Just keep reading and you will learn how to do this without having to find events.

Think of all of the things happening in your neighborhood: The ball games at your local school, street fairs & festivals, parties in the park, fundraisers and garage sales. The list goes on and on.

From soccer games to a local dance, any event will work. If you know about events in your neighborhood all you have to do is tell us so we can show these events on our website. In return we'll give you special points called "Bidding Reward PointsTM" that you use to bid on any gift card you want.

Sock Hop

Getting Bidding Reward PointsTM is easy. Using them is the fun part. Imagine what you could do with a $50 gift card from iTunesTM or a $100 gift card to take the family to Olive GardenTM for dinner. The next time you go to Home DepotTM don't spend your money, just use your gift card, all because you helped us hear about an event in your neighborhood.

Think of these points as a "finder's reward" for being the first to let us know about an event in your neighborhood.

It's simple to do.

You find an event, tell us and receive your Bidding Reward PointsTM. That's it.

Get your points then look on the right side of this page and pick out the gift card you want. Click on the "Make a Bid" button and place a bid using your points. When you need more points just add another event. It won't take long before you have plenty of points so you can bid on as many gift cards as you want.

You don't have to sell anything.
You don't have to buy anything.
You don't have to go to any meetings.
You don't have to take any surveys.
You do not have to pay anything and there is no cost.
You do this for fun whenever you want more points.

If there is a garage sale in your neighborhood then you are ready to add an event. Fundraisers, yard sales or a great band playing at a local winery. Any event will work. A street fair or a local pub introducing a new craft beer are just the type of events we are looking for.

"What if I want to add the sports schedule for my child's school?"

Then you are going to have a lot of these Bidding Reward PointsTM to bid on gift cards. Two ball games are two separate events because they have different dates and different times.

Example: A high school football schedule usually will have 10 or 12 games throughout the season and each one is an event. If you add a sports schedule like this you get points for ten or twelve different events. That's a lot of points.

"I volunteer at my church. What if I want to list all of the church's events?"

Perfect. Just like the answer above; you are going to receive a lot of Bidding Reward PointsTM to use to bid on gift cards.

"What if I tell my friends on Facebook and they want to try this?"

If you invite a friend to take a look at this, then you will receive Bidding Reward PointsTM when they join us.

This is what Friends Helping Friends is all about. Just keep telling your friends and you will receive plenty of Bidding Reward PointsTM, even if you do not list any events.

Think of all the events happening in your neighborhood

Here are just a few of the event categories you may use.

  • Antiques Shows
  • Craft Shows
  • Career Fairs
  • Church Events
  • Community Events
  • Concerts in the Park - All music events are a big deal.
  • Convention & Expo's
  • Farmers Markets
  • Festivals & Street Fairs
  • Fish Fries - These are big at churches & VFW halls during lent.
  • Garage Sales
  • Garden Club Events
  • Little League Sports
  • Local City or Town Events
  • School Events - Important for parents & grandparents.
  • Sporting Events - If it's a sporting event, it's important.
  • Senior Events
  • Wine, Beer & Bourbon Tasting
  • Woodworking Events - Hint: Home Depot has these each week.

This is just a small sample. We have over 200 categories on our website so you shouldn't have any trouble finding events to make a lot of Bidding Reward PointsTM.

To get started, just take us up on our free Bidding Reward PointsTM offer and we'll send you all of the information about how to get all of the Gift Cards you want without spending your money .


2,000 Bidding Reward PointsTM Free

Here's 2,000 Bidding Reward PointsTM for free, just to try the Gift Card Auction, right now.

Just jot down you name and email and we'll send you 2,000 Bidding Reward PointsTM, for free, right now.

Our promise: We won't share your private information with anyone. We hate spam just like you do and we'll protect your privacy. We do not rent or sell private information.


We have a complete list of the different ways to receive your Bidding Reward PointsTM in the member's area. In there you'll find a lot of ways to make a lot of points.

Thanks for taking a look at this.

John Shields
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Gift Card Auction
You may have one of these gift cards without spending any of your money.
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